Here are some examples of our kinds of work in various sectors

Industrial and commercial sectors

Type of clients:
Factories, industries, businesses, commercial centres, etc.

  • CNESST signage paint
  • Painting of production machinery
  • Painting of roof units
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Rust-resistant paint
  • Urethane paint
  • Anti-graffiti painting
  • Painting lines, cabinets, etc.

Food sector

Type of clients:
Food factories, cafeterias, kitchens, hotels, motels, restaurants, etc.

  • Specialized painting for the food sector
  • Epoxy and paint application for the food industry
  • Ventilation and freezing unit refurbishment
  • UV-resistant paint that keeps its shine and colour longer
  • Installation of high-temperature (thermal shock) and frost-resistant flooring products

Events sector

Type of clients:
Circuses, film sets, stages, arenas, schools, etc.

  • Application of anti-mould product for long-term storage
  • Repair of equipment
  • Step cleaning
  • Bleachers refurbished
  • Tent ventilation unit refurbishment
  • Rust-resistant paint for various structures
  • Painting of walls, floors, and ceilings of film sets
  • Non-slip product installation
  • Painting of step markers

Our services are many!

Painting, floor signage, steel repair, surface preparation, cleaning, decontamination, work at heights, rust removal, etc. for the event, industrial, commercial, and food industry sectors.


We do ground signs according to the requirements of your work environment.


  • Paint CNESST signage
  • Paint CNESST floor pictures
  • Reflective paint

Sand blasting – Spray-gun painting

We repair steel and prepare surfaces with sand blasting for an optimal application of paint that is resistant to abrasion, rust, acid, etc.


  • Sand blasting of any surface
  • Spray painting
  • Low pressure gun painting
  • Painting with Airless gun
  • Painting of production machinery
  • Painting of all kinds of parts
  • Surface preparation with sand jet
  • Machine preparation
  • Industrial painting
  • CNESST safety colour paint
  • Painting of interiors and exteriors of steel structures
  • Steel restoration using metallic polymers, elastomers, magma, etc.
  • Rust-resistant paint

High pressure cleaning and decontamination

Nothing is more important in a workplace than its being clean and healthy. That is why we make every effort to do thoroughly professional cleaning and deep decontamination.


  • Decontamination of concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces
  • Pressure cleaning of internal and external facings
  • Hot water pressure cleaning of concrete
  • Surface cleaning before painting
  • Cleaning off of grease
  • Cleaning of soil contamination

Painting of production machinery

Our specialized company paints production machinery and all its related parts using the finish best suited to your needs in all sectors: events, industrial, commercial, and food.


  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Rust-resistant paint
  • Urethane paint
  • Steel structure paint
  • Anti-bacterial paint
  • Non-slip paint
  • Work at heights
  • Anti-mould paint
  • Low pressure gun paint
  • Cleaning of all kinds
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